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What is the income of a prison warden?

  It depends on the type of facility and what level of warden. For a warden who is responsible for a whole Complex (multiple units of varying custody levels), $85,000 to s (MORE)

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What does warden mean?

A warden is someone who is head of an institution such as a prison .
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How is the warden greedy in the book holes?

She is greedy because she has the campers work so hard to find things for her
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What is a mint warden?

The Warden of the Mint was in principle the highest ranking officer of the Royal Mint of Great Britain, having oversight over its operations and physical plant by virtue of a (MORE)

Who is the warden a descendant of in Holes?

Warden Walker is the granddaughter of Trout Walker, who led the mob  that Kate Barlow tried to stop. Barlow buried the Yelnats fortune  in the dry lake bed.
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