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What is a yellow jacket?

A yellow jacket is a type of wasp. It is a common name in NorthAmerica for the predatory wasp. Most are black and yellow, givingthem the name "yellow jacket."
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Who invented jackets?

Jackets were inverted long before recorded history, so there is no way of knowing who was the first. No one really knows who invented the jacket. People (when they started we (MORE)
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What is the function of a jacket in a jacketed autoclave?

\nIt surrounds the chamber of the sterilizer, separated from the chamber by about 3 inches. It allows steam to continuously circulate in this space, also maintaining a supply (MORE)
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Why does bikers have jackets?

I think leather jackets protect the bikersfrom accidents because leather jackets have heavy padding on elbow . And Leather jackets are the first choice of biker.Recently I ord (MORE)
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What jackets are in?

The best Jacket mainly made of duck's down,goose down for down jacket .If facet ,best quality Jacket is Moncler,i bought Moncler Bomber jacket last year,it is very comforta (MORE)
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Is jacket an adjective?

Jacket is a noun as nouns are things such as a chair, a place such as Glasgow and a name such as Sam. Adjective is a describing word used to describe nouns such as the wooden (MORE)
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What is a polo jacket?

a polo jacket is a jacket that is not only confortable but affordable and stylish i bought one once for my husband and he loved it and made me buy him some more
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Why is a jacket called a jacket?

The word jacket comes from the French jaquette Speakers of American English sometimes informally use the words jacket and coat interchangeably.. The term comes from the Middle (MORE)
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Is a jacket a coat?

Well they are somewhat different a jacket is a more thin material a coat is more of a raincoat or a thick material jacket is a coat