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What is a Jackie Coogan Bank Account?

  What is a Coogan Account? A "Coogan Trust Account" is a blocked trust account that is established at a qualified financial institution in California that is insured (MORE)
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Who is Jackie Evancho?

Jackie Evancho is a 10 year old opera singer, born in April of 2000, and she is, very nice. I met her at CCD, and she is, only 1 month older than me. She has several pets, and (MORE)

Was Jackie coogan a little rascal?

yes Actually NO. He was NEVER a Little Rascal. There were three Jackie's that were Little Rascals (Jackie Condon, Jackie Davis and the more famous Jackie COOPER) but not J (MORE)
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Who is Jackie mitchell?

In 1931, Jackie Mitchell became the first female to pitch in a Major League baseball game, pitching for the Chattanooga Lookouts. In a back-to-back exhibition game against the (MORE)

What did Jackie Kennedy do?

As the third youngest First Lady of the United States and the wealthiest, she gave a new sense of style and glamour to the White House. She also set up an integrated kindergar (MORE)

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