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What is Jackpot fishing?

  There is no such thing as jackpot fishing, the only TYPE of fishing is fishing line fishing, hand fishing, bow fishing, kite fishing, dredging, and ice fishing. so there (MORE)
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What are the jackpots in casinos?

It depends very much on which games. If you are playing table games, usually not very much in the grand scheme of things... For example, on blackjack your "jackpot" (i.e. hi (MORE)

Do Quick Picks win the jackpot?

Yes. Numbers generated by a quick pick method are just as likely to win as numbers selected manually. In fact, a very high proportion of jackpots are won by Quick Picks (howev (MORE)
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What is jackpot in darkorbit?

In darkorbit? Well then its for getting real money when you reach to a point later on it will ask for your name place and zip code and you get the 1k or 10k.
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How do you win jackpot on online slot?

Befor starting to play slot with jackpot, you need to read a review of that jackpot and its tracking, so if the jackpot wins regulary that good. Also slot machines with jackpo (MORE)
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What are the chances of winning the euromillions jackpot?

If a minimum of 1 person has chosen the same numbers and lucky stars as you then the chances are 0 (No chance). If you're chosen numbers are unique then you obviously have som (MORE)