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Where does Jackson browne live?

His exact address is classified. But as a resident of Santa Barbra I am aware that he lives approximately 30 miles away on a private ranch on the beach. Santa Barbra CA is con (MORE)

Why did Michael Jackson like James Brown?

This is because James Brown was an amazing entertainer and was one of Michael's first and most major inspirations. In many of Michael's performances you can see what kind of i (MORE)

How did James Brown Influence Michael Jackson?

James Brown, a fantastic entertainer when alive, influenced Michael a great deal, starting when Michael was a child. In many of Michael's performances, especially his early on (MORE)

How did Michael Jackson influence Chris Brown and Usher?

He influenced them in his dance and singing dancing mostly. If you watch their videos and performances they imatate his dance moves. I know for a fact that neither of them wil (MORE)

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