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What is the capital of Jacksonville?

Jacksonville is a city on the Atlantic coast of Florida. Florida's state capital is Tallahassee. Jacksonville is in Florida. The capital of Florida is Tallahassee.
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How many airports does Jacksonville Florida have?

The Jacksonville Aviation Authority owns and operates 4 airports. - Jacksonville International Airport - Jacksonville Executive (formerly Craig Municipal) - Cecil Field (MORE)

What state is Jacksonville in?

27 states in the US have a city known as Jacksonville: Oregon California Washington Texas Arkansas Missouri Iowa Wisconsin Indiana Illinois Ohio Michigan Tennessee Mississi (MORE)

How far is jacksonville beach from jacksonville?

There is 17. 3 miles that separates Jacksonville Florida from  Jacksonville Beach Florida. This would take approximately 28  minutes to travel by car.
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Who are famous Jacksonville University alumni?

Mayoral Proclamation Honorable John Peyton, Mayor of Jacksonville On behalf of Jacksonville University 75 Distinguished Dolphins WHEREAS: Since 1934, Jacksonville Univers (MORE)

How far from Jacksonville airport to Jacksonville beach?

28 miles taking this route: Out of the airport, follow signs to I-95. Once you are at JCT I-95, follow signs to I-95 SOUTH.Take I-95 SOUTH to FL-9A SOUTH to BLOUNT ISLAND and (MORE)
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