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Who was Jacob?

Answer . Jacob was the younger of twin sons of Isaac. The other son being Esau who sold his birthright to Jacob for a "Mess of pottage". Both were enemies from childhood un (MORE)

Who is the wife of Jacob?

Jacob had two wives, they were the daughters of Laban, their names were rachel and Leah. He was made to work for seven years for Rachel and another seven years for Leah.
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Who is Jacob Moody?

Jacob Moody is a baseball player. His height is 5.9 and weight is166lbs. His hometown is Arlington in United states.

Where is Jacob Armen from?

armenia Jacob Armen one of the best drummers in the world is set to release a new album January 2011! It will feature Grammy winners and hold a unique sound that will carr (MORE)

Was Jacob a liar?

Do you mean Jacob Black from the Twilight series? If so he wasn't necessarily a liar, even though everyone is a liar at some point, but he did try to get Bella's attentions by (MORE)

What is the personality of a Jacob?

Jacobs Personality . He can be very dependable. . Sweet. . Charming. . He is a jelous man... in some cases good, in some bad. . Very Caring of the people that he loves (MORE)