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Is there a knee pillow?

The Leg Wedge Pillow is a dual-purpose state of the art wedge pillow that combines the pressure relieving support of memory foam with the comfortable and soft feeling of cotto (MORE)

What is in pillows?

Pillows consist of a plain/patterned fabric envelope, which  contains a soft stuffing. Last week I bought very soft pillows from  Find the Essence of Joy at a very affordabl (MORE)

Can you get pink eye from someone's pillow pillow?

Yes you can. If that person's pillow has a bacterial culture on it with a pink eye disease, then you are most likely to pick this up. This is why it is important to practice g (MORE)

How do you wash a pillow?

  washing pillows     I have washed pillows both feather and foam. Make sure the machine is balanced with other object which will be of same weight. Keep an eye (MORE)

Who was Jacob?

Answer   Jacob was the younger of twin sons of Isaac. The other son being Esau who sold his birthright to Jacob for a "Mess of pottage". Both were enemies from childhood (MORE)
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History of pillow?

Pillows were made for the wealthy and used in Ancient Egypt. Highly decorated pillows were used in China and Persia and later in Medieval Europe. The Industrial Revolution saw (MORE)

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What do pillows have in them?

Pillows can be made with a number of thing. The most common being  feathers, foam, and synthetic fibers. Feathers or Down can be very  soft but may lose neck support. Foam, (MORE)

What did Jacob dream about while sleeping with a rock as his pillow?

A:  in Genesis 28:11-22, Jacob slept in a certain place  and dreamed of a ladder going up to heaven, where stood the Lord,  who renewed his covenant with Abraham and Isaac (MORE)