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Are Jacobins and Jacobites the same?

  No, two completely different things as one was a supporter of Republicanism and the other a supporter of a claim to a throne.   A Jacobin was a supporter of the Frenc (MORE)

What were jacobins and girondins?

These two groups were two large political groups during the French revolution. Jacobins were people who supported the revolution and wanted a centralized Republic. They were t (MORE)

How were the Sans-culottes different from the Jacobins?

The Jacobins were an elite political club which once had a membership of about 420,000. Their members were professionals and financially well off. They were the bourgeoisie an (MORE)

Who is Jacobin?

Jacobin is not a person; rather, the Jacobins were a radical political club that evolved during revolutionary France. It was lead by Parisian members of the Third Estate. The (MORE)