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What is the price per karat of jade?

Ounce of white milky jade cost 40 times more that gold if the price of gold Is $1700 the cost of one gram is close to $2193.548387097 little more, if one ounce cost $3000 one (MORE)
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How do you get the jade orb in SoulSilver?

You have to get Groudon first. You must get the National Deck and the starters of Kanto, obtain the red orb from Mr.Pokemon, go to Embedded Tower and catch Groudon. You then m (MORE)

How do you look like jade on victorious?

1: jade is very mean. and she doesn't care what other people think, so she says whats on her mind. Always. 2: she is tough. the only thing she cares about is her boyfriend Be (MORE)
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Color of jade?

"Color of jade?" One must assume you're asking about the stone. As with anything natural there will always be slight variations in color but jade is a green all of its own. Us (MORE)

How valuable is jade?

There are two different types of Jade. Only one type is real. New  Zealand jade is extremely cheap and can be purchased for one dollar  per gram. Real jade is valuable and c (MORE)

Are amethyst and purple jade the same?

Purple jade is actually a rock, made up of several minerals (quartz, feldspar, jadeite, and acmite are the most common), whereas amethyst is just a violet variety of quartz (a (MORE)

Is jade a crystal?

Jade, unlike some other precious minerals and gems, is  microcrystalline but is translucent or opaque rather than  transparent. In this regard, it is similar to opal and ony (MORE)