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What is a jaded past?

Any form of illegal activity that is recorded in the past of an individual is referred to politely as a jaded past.
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What Is The Price Of Jade?

Hello, the price of jade in today market is $3,000 dollars per  ounce... No matter if come from china or any other countrys...  Milkly jade it is more valueble; include esme (MORE)

Is there a saint jade?

No... but there IS a Saint Jude. St Jude or St Judas was one of the 12 disciples and the son of Alpheus. However he should not be confused with Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jes (MORE)

Is Jade in The Bible?

The Bible speaks of jade as a gem, but not as a personal name. The precious stone, jade, is mentioned as representing one of Israel's 12 tribes on "the breastplate of judgme (MORE)

Where is jade found?

Jade is the generic term for nephrite and jadeite. It's found in quite a few places. China is well known for its jade and jade carvings dating back thousands of years. Jade (MORE)
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Color of jade?

"Color of jade?" One must assume you're asking about the stone. As with anything natural there will always be slight variations in color but jade is a green all of its own. Us (MORE)

Who is jade goody?

jade goody is a 28 year old woman that now sadly has cancer and eight years ago went into big brother and that made her famous years later she went into celebrity big brother (MORE)

How valuable is jade?

There are two different types of Jade. Only one type is real. New  Zealand jade is extremely cheap and can be purchased for one dollar  per gram. Real jade is valuable and c (MORE)

Is jade a crystal?

Jade, unlike some other precious minerals and gems, is  microcrystalline but is translucent or opaque rather than  transparent. In this regard, it is similar to opal and ony (MORE)