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Who is MR Jaggers?

Mr. Jaggers is a character in the novel Great Expectations. Mr.  Jaggers is a lawyer who represents Pip's benefactor and is a key  character.
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Is moves like Jagger the best song?

Its is but there are other really good songs but it only matters about what your taste in music is you can like it lot of people make it there best but its what ever you think (MORE)

Is chris jagger married?

Type your answer here... Yes. His wife is Kari-Ann Moller. His most two notable children are Demetri J. Jagger whose career at IMDB and BFI is well-documented. His stepson is (MORE)

Who was the primary subject of the 300 sonnets and 49 canzoni songs in Petrarch's Canzoniere Songbook?

Petrarch's love poetry is mainly addressed to a woman he saw at church on Good Friday 1327, whom Petrarch calls 'Laura' and who may have been Laura de Noves. But it is misle (MORE)

Who wrote the song Swagger Jagger?

The song "Swagger Jagger," sung by Cher Lloyd, was written by a team of people including Cher Lloyd herself. The writers are: Clarence Coffee Jr.Andre DavidsonSean DavidsonAn (MORE)

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