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What is a extension jamb?

Answer . An extension jamb is a piece of wood that is used as a filler in a door or window installation, when the door/window is not as deep as the wall is thick.
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How do you jamb your finger?

Playing football. I was trying to catch a pass and the ball slammed into my finger.

When is jamb?

JAMB UTME Examination was held last April 5, 2014 which includedthe Dual Based Test and Paper Pencil Test. For the JAMB UTMEComputer Based Test is not yet been announced the d (MORE)

What is a door jamb?

Answer . A door jamb is the part of a door opening to which the door hinges, the strike plate, and the door stop are attached.
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How do you spell jamb?

That spelling, "jamb" means the vertical frame of a door. The spelling "jam" is used for the fruit spread, or a traffic jam, or a sticky situation.
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