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Who is brooke Baldwin engaged to?

Brooke Baldwin was engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Jay Davis, a  horse veterinarian. The couple got married in 2010, and they are  still married, despite rumors of divorc (MORE)

What is a Gibson Baldwin guitar?

  Answer   Gibson Baldwin is an educational series Les Paul Style Guitar. They have some budget features hence the low price, for example "bolt-on neck" instead of "s (MORE)

Is Baldwin a good piano brand?

Yes and No. I have played piano for 6+ years (and still am learning) and have learned so much since then. I learned on a Baldwin spinet piano and i have to say , they are not (MORE)

What is the value of a Baldwin GPS2500 piano?

Due to the age of the technology and the fact that Baldwin absolved any responsibility for supporting it after they sold the Pianovelle line to Gibson, it's not worth much. I' (MORE)

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