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Who did 007 James Bond report to?

Bond or 007 reports to his boss or the head of MI6. His boss is called by code name M. Currently the role is played by Judi Dench. She has played the role of M in most numbe (MORE)

Who now writes James Bond novels?

Since the death of the James Bond author Ian Fleming on the 12th of August 1964, there have been no new publications in the James Bond series. However, to mark what would have (MORE)

Why does James Bond introduce himself as 'Bond James Bond'?

At the time the James Bond books were written by Ian Fleming, it was fairly common in English speaking countries for people (particularly males) to introduce themselves, and b (MORE)

How many films has James Bond?

To date there have been 23 official James Bond movies made by EON  Productions from 1962 to 2012. There have also been several  unofficial Bond films produced over the years (MORE)

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