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What did James Buchanan do after he left office?

Buchanan retired to his home in Lancaster, PA and generally kept a low profile. He served on the board of trustees for Franklin and Marshall College. He wrote a book defending (MORE)

What is a Duke?

AnswerA Duke is the highest level of the peerage. The Royal Dukes, currently are Charles, Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall Prince Andrew, Duke of York Prince Philip, Duke o (MORE)

Why did James Buchanan win the election of 1856?

The opposition Whig party split  up over slavery. The new Republican party had not yet developed an effective national organization and were too closely  associated with the (MORE)

Was James Buchanan married?

President James Buchanan was never married. His father, also named James Buchanan, was married to Elizabeth Speer.
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Who were the parents of James Buchanan?

father : James Buchanan Sr ( 1761 - June 11, 1821 ) born in County Donegal , Ireland, store-keeper . mother: Elizabeth Speer Buchanan (Mar. 17, 1767 - May 24, 1833)
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Why was James Buchanan called ten cent jimmy?

James Buchanan had four nicknames during his presidency. Perhaps  the only one given to him in a derogatory light was the name  Ten-Cent Jimmy. This was in response to his c (MORE)

What important right did James the Duke of York finally agree to give the colonists?

ANSWER: James, the Duke of York, allowed a social contract with the colonies, and him. It was based on: "In this condition everyone enjoyed certain basic rights, particularly (MORE)

Where did James Buchanan go to college?

James Buchanan went to Dickinson College in Carlyle, PA. He  graduated in the class of 1809. He entered at the age of 16 as a  junior (3rd year).   He became the 15th US (MORE)

Did James Buchanan appoint anyone to the US Supreme Court?

Yes. James Buchanan nominated two men to serve on the US Supreme Court during his Presidency. The first, Nathan Clifford, was nominated on December 9, 1857 and confirmed by th (MORE)

What is important about James Buchanan?

he was the only president that was a bachlor his fianoncie died when he was 26
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