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What did Chadwick contribute to atomic theory?

In 1932, James Chadwick discovered the neutron. Neutrons help stabilize the protons in the atom's nucleus. Because the nucleus is so tightly packed together, the positively ch (MORE)

Who is James in the Book of James?

Most historians believe that James in the book of James is Jesus'  half-brother. James is the son of Joseph and Mary. There are a few  other claims, but this one seems to ha (MORE)

Did James chadwick have any siblings?

Yes, two brothers and one sister. However his sister died young, his siblings were born after Chadwick.
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Who is James Lafferty?

The American actor James Martin Lafferty was born on July 25, 1985. He played in one tree hill, listens to rap music, and lives in North Carolina.    He is a male actor (MORE)
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Why is James Jewish?

The name James, is the way the Hebrew name Jacob came into English. The apostle James (a 1st century Jew) in the New Testament would actually have been known as "Jacob." The n (MORE)

What did Edwin Chadwick discover?

Edwin Chadwick discovered that it was possible to have a more  sanitary work environment. He was a lawyer and proponent of cleaner  working conditions in all aspects of publ (MORE)