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How did Tamara Dobson die?

Tamara Dobson was an American actress who was born in 1947. She  died in 2006 from complications from pneumonia and multiple  sclerosis.
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What is Dr James Dobson known for?

Dr. James Dobson is a psychologist. Although never actually ordained he is considered one of the top evangelical leaders in the US. He founded the organization Focus on the Fa (MORE)

Who is James in the Book of James?

Most historians believe that James in the book of James is Jesus'  half-brother. James is the son of Joseph and Mary. There are a few  other claims, but this one seems to ha (MORE)

Who was James I?

He was a Stuart There are two James I's: James I of England: Was the son of Mary, Queen of Scots and her second husband, Lord Darnley. Mary was deposed in 1567 and Darnley (MORE)

What is James Maslow?

His father is Jewish and his mother is Catholic. James was raised Jewish, attended Hebrew School, and was Bar Mitzvah. In an interview dated 2012, he called himself religious (MORE)

Who sang i walked away from love once more i do it every time the artist is not Dobby Dobson. It's a Motown version not reggae?

The Soul (or Motown) version (the original) is by Shirley Stewart - "Walk Away From Love". Shirley Stewart was in the group, The Escorts. It is strange that Shirley Stewart (MORE)