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How long did James Francis Edward Stuart rule England for?

James Francis Edward Stuart (1688-1766), the 'old pretender', son and heir of James VII of Scotland and II of England and Ireland, never ruled either Kingdom. In fact his birt (MORE)

Was Mike Keeler on the show 'The Nanny'?

Mike Keeler was a camera operator on the TV show, "The Nanny." He  was listed "in memory of" during the closing credits of an episode  of The Nanny after his death in 1999.
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Why are there holes in edward James olmos face?

Why does Edward James Olmos have holes on his facial skin? After doing much research on the topic, and contrary to the popular belief that he washes his face with acid, it tur (MORE)

Does payson keeler go to the Olympics?

yes, im very happy (cause she's my favorite) to inform you that, indeed, Payson Keeler from the hit television show Make It or Break It does go to the olympics, though you nev (MORE)

Why is James Edward Stuart nicknamed the Pretender?

James Francis Edward Stuart is known as the The Old Pretender, because he was son of the deposed King James II & VII of England and Scotland, and after his father's dead in 16 (MORE)

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