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What movies John Corbett in?

John Corbett has been in many movies, from Tombstone to Volcano to My Big Fat Greek Wedding. You can find a complete list of his movies, as well as television shows, appearanc (MORE)
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Why did gretchen corbett leave the rockford files?

Corbett was dropped after the fourth season because of a contract  dispute between Universal Studios and Cherokee Productions (the  producers of "The Rockford Files"). Chero (MORE)
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Why do they call James j braddock the Cinderella man?

They reference him as the Cinderella man because of the way his life progressed. he went from nothing to a great boxer. rags to riches if you will. This mimics Cinderella's st (MORE)
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How did James j hill get his money?

James hereon hill got his money by growing up in a rich family and when his father died he wrote in his will to give the  money all to his son and that's how he got his m (MORE)
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Why was james j hill not labeled a robber baron?

Hill was a capitalist or free-market entrepreneur who used no taxpayer funds and built a transcontinental railroad across the northern US. He didn't care much for politics and (MORE)
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What are facts about Pie Corbett?

Pie Corbett is an English educationalist who also happens to be a  quite prolific writer and poet, because he has written over 200  books. He often travels United Kingdom to (MORE)

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