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What is the nationality of the surname Kidd?

The Scottish last name Kidd is from a medieval personal name Kid, a variation of Kit, a nickname of Christopher. The English surname Kidd is from Middle English kid(e) 'young (MORE)
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Who was kidd kraddick's fiance?

Fabwags reported that he was engaged to Lissi Mullen. See the  related link below.
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Is Jason kidd black?

no, he is white -actually, Jason is biracial. his father is African American, (black) and his mother is white. search Jason kidd, black and you'll find more info.
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What does the surname Kidd mean?

I have found that the proud and noble Scottish Kidd family's motto  is "Until it fills the orb!", as well as the fact that they held a  family seat in Dundee from very ancie (MORE)

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