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How tall was Robert mitchum?

  Robert Mitchum's height has been recorded as anything between 6' and 6'5". Hollywood records can't really be relied on because of the nature of the industry, but Mitchum (MORE)
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What films was actor Robert Mitchum in?

Robert Mitchum was in around 120 movies and documentaries. A few include Dead Man (1995), Woman of Desire (1993), The Seven Deadly Sins (1992), Supposedly Dangerous (1990), Mi (MORE)
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Is James mitchum dead?

Not according to IMDb... he was born in 1941, so is only 69 years old...

What were James 1 habits?

James the 1st was very rude   he was well known for picking his nose and wiping his nose with his sleeve! He also had other nasty habits like eating with his mouth open and (MORE)

How did Robert mitchum die?

Robert Mitchum died in Santa Barbara, California on July 1st 1997 from emphysema. He was 79 years, 10 months and 25 days old when he died
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What religion was James 1?

James I (1566-1625, known as King James VI of Scotland) was a protestant. James practiced a presbyterian type of Puritanism, as this was the religion of Scotland. When he be (MORE)

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