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What did James Polk do after he was president?

Polk left office on March 4, 1849 and died on June 15 so he had a very short retirement. He traveled around the South for about a month and then came home to his new home in N (MORE)

What jobs did James K. Polk have?

  James K Polk worked as a a lawyer, served in the Tennessee legislature, served as speaker in the House of Represntatives, served as governor of Tennessee, and chief lieu (MORE)
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What did James Polk die from?

"cholera" seems to be a good guess for Polk's cause of death. He had severe gastro-intestinal distress at the end. He died on June 15, 1849 at his new home in Nashville, Tenn (MORE)

How long was James Polk in office?

He served only one 4-year term as President . He did not seek a second term. He served 16 years in the US Congress.
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What did James Polk do as president?

James K. Polk as President: . settled the Oregon boundary dispute by diplomacy, essentiallyacting as his own Secretary of State. . settled territorial disputes with Mexico (MORE)

What did James k Polk do?

James Knox Polk (November 2, 1795 - June 15, 1849)was the 11th  president of the USA who served one term (1845-1849). He was  President during the Mexican War and settled th (MORE)

What is the age James Polk was elected?

James K. Polk was 49 when elected President in 1844.  He is currently the ninth-youngest U.S. President in history, but at the time he was the youngest. Top Ten Youngest U.S. (MORE)

How fat was James K. Polk?

President Polk was of a normal height and weight-- most sources say he weighed about 185 pounds. Given his height, he was not very fat at all.  You may have been confusing hi (MORE)

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