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Who is James joul?

  James Prescott Joule was born on 24th December 1818 in Salford, Lancashire, England. He came from a wealthy family who were involved in the brewing industry. As befittin (MORE)
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What did James Joules do in science?

James Joules created a method in which work is calculated. work(joules) equals force(newtons) times distance(meters) or j=n times m.
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How many joules in a petra joule?

A peta joule is 1000 tera joules, 1 million giga joules, 1 billion mega joules, 1 trillion kilo joules, 1 quadrillion joules or 1,000,000,000,000,000 joules.
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Where did James prescott joule live?

James Prescott Joule was a physicist who lived in England. He was  born in Salford, Lancashire, England on December 24, 1818 and died  in Sale, Cheshire, England on October (MORE)

How did James Prescott Joule impact society?

James Prescott Joule (December 24, 1818- October 11, 1889) was a  British physicist, who contributed to the understanding of  electricity and heat. The SI unit for amount of (MORE)
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