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Did carole king and James Taylor have an affair?

No. Carole and James did NOT have an affair despite what has been  reported. James has been quoted, saying that they've never had a  love affair, that their relationship is (MORE)
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What is the song Copperline by James Taylor about?

James Taylor was born in Boston, MA and grew up in Carrboro, NC, just west of Chapel Hill in the Raleigh-Durham Metro area.   Copperline is an area south of Chapel Hill, ju (MORE)

Does James Taylor wear hearing aids?

  The answer is no. What you see him wearing are called "in ear" monitors. They are a recent development that allow you to monitor what you are singing and playing. Before (MORE)

Is James Taylor still married?

James Taylor is currently married to Caroline "Kim" Smedvig. The have been married since early 2001. They have 3 children. Prior to his current marriage, he was married to s (MORE)

Does James Taylor have any children?

  James Taylor is the father of four children. He had a son and a daughter, Benjamin and Sarah Maria (called Sally), with his first wife, Carly Simon. In 2001, Taylor and (MORE)

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Does James Taylor have kids who perform?

Yes. He has Ben and Sally. Both conceived from Carly Simon and are carrying on with their musical careers.
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Who is James Taylor married to?

Musician James Taylor is married to Caroline Smedvig and they live  in Washington, Massachusetts. He was married before to Carly Simon  before that.
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Does James Taylor live in the Berkshires Ma?

  Yes, he does. I know that for a fact because his sons go to Berkshire Country Day.
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