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Was James Madison Speaker of the US House of Representatives?

No, he was a member of the House of Representatives (5th and 15th districts of Virginia), but he was never the Speaker of the House.
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How many houses does LeBron James have?

LeBron James has 2 houses that would be labeled as mansions. He has  one in Miami, and one in Cleveland, where he has returned to play.
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Was James Wilson a slave owner?

James Wilson was a slave owner who really made a fortune using  slaves. He also owned a plantation where his slaves worked for him.
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Did James Wilson have children?

yes....James Wilson had 6 children with his first wife, rachael bird, and 1 child with his second wife, Hannah Gray
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What is Wilson disease?

it is a rare diorder of abnormal copper metabolism and is characterised by: hepatolenticular degeneration. copper get deposited in abnormal amounts in liver and lenticular nuc (MORE)

Who is dayja Wilson?

  Supposedly invented the first wig...but no one could really ever tell because Native Americans used them way before anyone else.
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Was James Madison the first president that called his Washington DC residence the White House?

No, our second president John Adams was the first resident of the White House. James Madison was the fourth president. Construction began when the first cornerstone was laid (MORE)