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Who is James Brown?

James brown was/is one of the greatest entertainers of all time. if you go to and type in "James brown biography" you will learn all about him... even if you just l (MORE)

What is the Epistle of James about?

A: The Epistle of James appears not to have been read or even noticed by authors in the centrist tradition before Origen in the third century. It sounds like a treatise writte (MORE)

Who was James Herriot?

James Herriot was a veterinary surgeon and a writer who lived in Thirsk, South Yorkshire. His real name was James Alfred Wight. He was known famously for writing his semi-auto (MORE)

Who is James in the Book of James?

Most historians believe that James in the book of James is Jesus'  half-brother. James is the son of Joseph and Mary. There are a few  other claims, but this one seems to ha (MORE)

Who was James I?

He was a Stuart There are two James I's: James I of England: Was the son of Mary, Queen of Scots and her second husband, Lord Darnley. Mary was deposed in 1567 and Darnley (MORE)

What is James Maslow?

His father is Jewish and his mother is Catholic. James was raised Jewish, attended Hebrew School, and was Bar Mitzvah. In an interview dated 2012, he called himself religious (MORE)
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