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Who was Jan Van Eyck?

  Answer     Jan van Eyck was a Famous painter who was born in Belgium 1390, he liked painting couples and it is believed that he invented oil panits, Jan van Eyc (MORE)

What did Jan van Eyck do?

Jan van Eyck was an artist and part of the early Netherlands school  of work. He was also a court painter and a diplomat in Burges. He  painted the work, "Arnolfini and his (MORE)

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What movie and television projects has Jan van Eijndthoven been in?

Jan van Eijndthoven has: Played Sebastian in "Wat u maar wilt" in 1970. Performed in "De beslagen spiegel" in 1980. Played Agent in "Mata Hari" in 1981. Performed in "Vinger a (MORE)