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What did the letter say in chasing Vermeer?

Dear Friend: I would like your help in identifying a crime that is now centuries old. This crime has wronged one of the world's greatest painters. As those in positions of a (MORE)

Who is the thief in Chasing Vermeer?

The thief actually turns out to be Xavier Glitts- A.K.A., Tommy's stepfather. He also wrote the letters. He set the whole entire thing up, from marrying Tommy's mother to hidi (MORE)

How many paintings are accredited to Vermeer?

The consensus is that he created 36 paintings, although some contend that there are only 35. Because Vermeer was subjected to substantial forgery, the number of authentic Verm (MORE)

What did Vermeer paint with?

Johannes Vermeer painted in a style known as pointille, which produces transparent colors by applying paint to a canvas in loosley granular layers. Historian assume that Verme (MORE)

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