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Which is grammatically correct Jane and me or Jane and I?

They are equally grammatically correct. Where 'I' would be correct (subject of verb) 'Jane and I' will obviously be correct. Where 'me' would be correct (object of verb) 'Jane (MORE)

Was Jane from Jane Eyre benevolent?

Certainly, she"s a good-girl character, not a femme Fatal or some sort of well, female gangster type. Lead man Rochester ( not the Jack Benny character!) sort of vacillates be (MORE)
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Who is Jane Perkins?

Jane Perkins is an artist. She models using bit of used materials, she now only uses plastic. Her work has brought a lot of inspiration to other artists. She is based in Devon (MORE)

Who is Jane the killer?

"Jane the Killer" is not a who it's a what. It is an  internet fiction loosely based on the internet fiction "Jeff the  killer."
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