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What is the life of Florencio Medina Sr?

he is known as the father of nuclear research in the Philippines, flunked grade 4 because of his poor performance in mathematics.HIs father spent one summer with him to shar (MORE)
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Why did Muhammad go to Medina?

because he was getting to powerful and they wanted to execute him so he fled
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Why is Medina important for Muslims?

Almadina (or Medina) is important for Muslims mainly for: Al-Madina (or Medina) is the second holiest Islamic city (after Makkah or Mecca).It is the first city of the Islamic (MORE)
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Who is Andy Medina?

A player in a botched carjacking, he was only 15 when he was charged with first-degree murder and imprisoned; now he's serving time at Colorado's maximum-security facility.  (MORE)

Who wrote the Treaty of Medina?

Among the people in Medina, there was a small community (three tribes) of Jews with Arab communities constituting the majority of the population. Because of wars going on for (MORE)

What is the distance in Ohio from Cleveland to Medina?

The distance in Ohio from Cleveland to Medina is 33 miles. That equals 53 kilometers and about 30 - 40 minutes in driving time.
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What did the Prophet Muhammad establish in Medina?

Mohammed created the first Islamic City State in Medina and wrote  the Constitution of Medina, giving specific rights and duties to  the various Jewish Arab and Pagan Arab t (MORE)

What did the people of Medina believe about Muhammad?

The people of Madina belived that Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) was the  last prophet of Islam. They believed in his teachings and followed  him in letter and spirit.
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