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Where did the name Janet originate?

It is an Anglicised form of the French Jeannette. Jeannette is a diminutive of Jeanne, which is the feminine of Jean. The English equivalent of Jean is John, and the equivalen (MORE)

Why is Janet Jackson famous?

Janet Damita Jo Jackson is famous because first of all, she is part of the greatest entertaining families of all time, the Jackson family. Where there was the Falcons, the Jac (MORE)

Did Janet Guthrie marry or have children?

  she got married in 1989 which would make her 51. so no children.
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Who was Janet dines?

    Janet Dines was Head of Maths and then the first Deputy Head of North Romford Comprehsensive School which opened in 1959. She next became Head of Northwich Girls' (MORE)

Is Janet Jackson still a Christian?

She calls herself one but true Christians are born again meaning they dont keep on sinning as she clearly does.
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What does Janet Sheen do?

Janet Templeton Estevez(Sheen) is the wife of Martin Sheen, actor. She is the mother of Emilio Estevez, Ramon Estevez, Carlos Estevez (Charlie Sheen) and Renee Estevez. All th (MORE)