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Who were the janissaries?

The term Janissaries in Turkish means new troops, which is exactly what they were. Janissaries were new form of military order created first by the Othman Sultan Murad the Fir (MORE)
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What was the Janissary system?

This is very brief- however- The Janissary system was founded on the recruitment of young, able boys from Christian families who were educated and later converted to Islam and (MORE)
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How did Janissaries contribute to the success of the Ottoman Empire?

They were all professional soldiers, begin their military service when they were children till they were uncapable to fight. Requitment system was "leaving enough numbers of c (MORE)
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In which empire did a Janissary Revolt occur?

The Janissary occurred in the Ottoman Empire. The Janissary are young Balkan Christian boys picked by the leader of the Ottoman Empire Sultan Murad l. The boys are usually 10- (MORE)
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Why did the janissaries refuse to use modern weapons?

It was more of an issue as they had not seen combat in a while sothey became lazy gambling and drinking all day. When the sultanasked them to modernize they refused as they li (MORE)
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What is the significance janissaries?

the significance about the Janissary is that they were discipline, moral, and professionalism which made them the strongest united army in Europe at that time
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What is a janissarie?

A member of an elite fighting force of the Ottoman Empire, made up mainly of slaves