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Why do the janjaweed kill the non-Arabs?

The Janjaweed are a combination of Chadian and Darfurian Arab partisans, previously tolerated by the Sudan Government and pursued local agendas to control of the land. The maj ( Full Answer )
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Who are the janjaweed?

Much of the information in this answer comes from an essay by Brendan Koerner in What he wrote in 2005 is still fairly accurate, although some of the violence has d ( Full Answer )
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How many Darfurians have the Janjaweed killed?

The estimates range from 200 000- 400-000, with the official United Nations estimate being 300 000. I will not name here the ways in which many were killed, and continue to be ( Full Answer )
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What are the janjaweed after?

They are after eliminating the entire ethnic group of the Black Africans. The Janjaweed are Arab Africans. The two groups are both fighting for power.
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10 thing What did the janjaweed do to darfur?

heres what i know..... burn down the places they sleep. murder 300 a day! torture them all i have... figure the rest out yourself! sorry baiii(: love always, mee. :*
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Who is unofficially supporting the Janjaweed?

Previously, the government of Sudan was unofficially supporting to Janjaweed. Since South Sudan successfully seceded from Sudan, the Janjaweed has become less prevalent.
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Who are the people known as the Janjaweed?

The Janjaweed are a group of gunmen who operate in Sudan. The name is formed from the Arabic words for 'horse', 'men' and 'gun'. They first formed in 1972.