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What leads a person to jannah?

believing in Allah and his messengers ans angels etc. and especially good deeds because that will determine on judgemnt day whether you are to enter jannah or jahannum.

What two things if guard against the Prophet said he guarantees us Jannah?

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: "Whoever can guarantee to me what is between his two lips and what is between his two legs, I can guarantee for him Paradise." [Sahîh (MORE)
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How many grades of jannah are there?

The Prophet, peace be upon him said: {In the Paradise are hundred grades, the space between each two grades is as wide as the space between heaven and earth. The Paradise h (MORE)

Who is the companion of Prophet Muhammad who fly in jannah with the angels?

One who follows the commandments of Allah SWT and his beloved Prophet Muhammad (May Peace Be Upon Him). Inshallah he will be the companion of all Prophets, Martyrs and Pious (MORE)
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What exactly is Jannah and why should I work to attain it?

Jannah is a word in Arabic it is like a place after you die and if you are a good person you go there it is heaven that's what it means.You should do what your religion does l (MORE)
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What is jannah?

Jannah is the abode which Allah has prepared for those who believe in him, work according His commands, follow His Messenger"s Sunnah and do good to others.

When a child in Hindu family dies Will he enter into jannah When he has no chance to commit shirk?

Different religious different beliefs, yes a child is a blessings from the God, a child who come from birth from mother womb sure don't have religion till the parents make the (MORE)