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How do you say I am a nice person in Japanese?

私は親切な人だ (watashi WA shinsetsu na hito da) would mean "I am a nice person" in Japanese. 親切 (shinsetsu) is the Japanese word for "kind" or "gentle", so what yo (MORE)

How do you name a strong person at birth?

Answer 1: There are several names that have that type of meaning. one is Madisen which means mighty warrior. I also know Kelly means strong person.    Answer 2: Alexand (MORE)

What is natural descent and legal descent?

Natural descent is basically another term for generations (as in a  family-line). Legal descent is a term that deals with inheritance  rules that were established to describ (MORE)

What is the personality of the birth sign Aquarius?

  Aquarius are said to be idealistic, abstract thinkers who are readily willing to donate to worthy causes due to their heightened sense of altruism. Their greatest contri (MORE)

Is a person who is potuguese of latin descent?

The concept of "latin descent" was invented by Napoleon to justify his intervention in Mexico and referred to anyone from a country where the primary language was one descende (MORE)

Writing letter to Japanese person?

When writing a letter to Japanese person you need to establish what  language to use. You should ensure you know the type of letter  whether it is informal or formal. Have y (MORE)