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Do Americans hate Japanese?

Very few are left that do. Yes many WWII vets, particularly the ones that fought in the Pacific theater, had serious problem with the Japanese. The vast majority of those peop (MORE)

What is better- American or Japanese minivans?

Reliability depends on the brand. Japanese minivans such as Honda Odyssey, Toyota Sienna, Mazda MPV/Mazda5 are some of the best minivans on the market. Minivans produced by GM (MORE)

How were Japanese Americans compensated for internment?

Right after the war, no one was compensated. Those who had once owned land, (and it was only the children of the Japanese immigrants who could own property since their parent (MORE)

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What is an American-born Japanese called?

  An American born Japanese is called "Nikei America-jin" However, this question could also be referring to generations: Issei = First Generation Japanese, one who has (MORE)

Japanese american nickname?

During WWII, the nickname given to Japanese Americans was "Nip".  This is a shorten version of their country name in Japanese which  is Nippon. Using this version of the nic (MORE)

Do Japanese Americans celebrate Japanese holidays?

  Just as Chinese Americans may celebrate the Chinese new year and others do not, or Icelandic Americans may celebrate Thorrablot while others do not, or people of any oth (MORE)

Why did Americans fear Japanese Americans?

Large numbers of Americans feared or were concerned about many  Japanese that were either legal residents (i.e. with green cards)  or were US citizens. This was because some (MORE)