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Why did American-Japanese relations deteriorate?

Wow is this one complex A simple relating of facts makes it all look like Japans fault from a western viewpoint But here we go...Japan and its neighbors had been at war for ma (MORE)

What is the contribution of the Japanese to American culture?

The kimono (着物) is a Japanese traditional garment worn by women, men and children. The bathrobe is derived from the kimono and has become and indispensable garment in Amer (MORE)

Fate of many Japanese Americans?

After the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941 by Japan, President  Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066 in February of 1942 that led  to the internment of Japanese American liv (MORE)

Do Japanese Americans celebrate Japanese holidays?

  Just as Chinese Americans may celebrate the Chinese new year and others do not, or Icelandic Americans may celebrate Thorrablot while others do not, or people of any oth (MORE)

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What caused the Japanese American-internment?

Answer 1 What basically started it was Pearl Harbor They did it out of fear of them fighting alongside the Japanese. Answer 2 Unfortunately, racism was a huge part of Uni (MORE)

Why did Americans fear Japanese Americans?

Large numbers of Americans feared or were concerned about many  Japanese that were either legal residents (i.e. with green cards)  or were US citizens. This was because some (MORE)