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Did many Japanese get cancer after Atomic Bomb attack?

Several days after the blast, however, medical staff began to recognize the first symptoms of radiation sickness among the survivors. Soon the death rate actually began to cli (MORE)

Which Japanese-city was atom-bombed?

There were actually two cities that were bombed by the US Air force. Those two cities that were bombed was named Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
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What do Japanese teach about the Atomic bomb?

  One young Japanese student I talked to was surprised to learn that Japan and America had fought a war. He learned of this when he watched the movie "Pearl Harbor" He the (MORE)

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How do the Japanese felt after the atomic bomb was dropped on them?

The Japanese may have felt any emotions, however in my opinion, I think most of the Japanese felt devastated. It is incredible that someone should be capable of asking such a (MORE)