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What do roosters symbolize in Japanese culture?

The rooster symbol can be found in many cultures of Asia but it happens to be most venerated in Japan. For the Japanese people the rooster is a sacred animal. Therefore it is (MORE)

The meaning of the tree in Japanese culture?

some trees, like the cherry blossom, or sakura in Japanese, represent serenity, or it can be used to show a samurai's life. One samurai said, "A samurai's life is like a cherr (MORE)

What is the contribution of the Japanese to American culture?

The kimono (着物) is a Japanese traditional garment worn by women, men and children. The bathrobe is derived from the kimono and has become and indispensable garment in Amer (MORE)

How is honor important in Japanese culture?

In Japan, honor is shared amongst a family. Because of this, if a child goes on and becomes a major success, he or she earns honor for not only him/her-self, but also for the (MORE)

What is the meaning of the butterfly in the Japanese culture?

In Japan, the Butterfly, ready to fly after its long spell in the cocoon and spreading its brand new wings, is a popular symbol for young girls. It represents emerging beauty (MORE)

When did Japanese culture flourish and why?

Japanese culture flourished, has flourished, and will flourish for as long as Japan as a country, political entity, ethnic group, or sociocultural entity was, has been, or wil (MORE)

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