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How many vowels in Japanese Language?

Just as in English, there are five vowels in Japanese, although y does not double as a vowel. The way they are pronounced, though, is drastically different. If you know anythi (MORE)

What does senpai mean in Japanese language?

Wikipedia defines Senpai as: " Senpai (先輩?) and kōhai (後輩?) are an essential element of Japanese seniority-based status relationships, similar to the way that family (MORE)

Where is the Japanese language from?

The Japanese language originated in Japan around 400 AD, but it was a combination of several things from outside sources. The ancient Emishi (Jomon) people, who were thought t (MORE)

Tagalog language has similar to Japanese language?

TAGALOG AND JAPANESE WAS NOT SIMILAR. Tagalog (A branch of Filipino language) was connected to Austronesian languages, while Japanese was connected to Japonic languages. Their (MORE)
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Who discovered the Japanese language?

No one discovered it. I'm not sure about the spoken language, but Kanji (which is the pictorial form of Japanese, not the phonetic) was brought over from China by Chinese expl (MORE)

Is Chinese and Japanese language same?

Chinese has different sounds, lettering, and meanings to their writings. Japanese is the same way but Japanese do borrow the Chinese lettering from the Chinese and but the J (MORE)
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Is learning the Japanese language easy?

There are so many online Japanese course available now a days to  learn Japanese. But, It is completely depend on your willingness  and interest for the language which you a (MORE)