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Is Japanese a tonal language?

Japanese is not a tonal language; rather, it has two pitches -- "high" and "low". Other and that, it does not use tones to distinguish words as in Chinese.
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Is Chinese and Japanese language the same?

Not at all. The only similarity is that Japanese borrowed the Chinese characters, called Kanji. Those are the complicated looking ones. Hiragana and Katakana are derived from (MORE)

Chinese language and Japanese is the same?

No, they are drastically different. Chinese is a Sino-Tibetan language, while Japanese is either classified as Altaic or isolate. Japanese, however, did import their writing s (MORE)

Where is the Japanese language from?

The Japanese language originated in Japan around 400 AD, but it was a combination of several things from outside sources. The ancient Emishi (Jomon) people, who were thought t (MORE)

Tagalog language has similar to Japanese language?

TAGALOG AND JAPANESE WAS NOT SIMILAR. Tagalog (A branch of Filipino language) was connected to Austronesian languages, while Japanese was connected to Japonic languages. Their (MORE)

If french is a romance language what is Japanese?

Japanese is generally regarded as being one of the Japonic languages, of which there are not very many -- just two, in fact: Japanaese and Ryukyuan. The wider classification (MORE)

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