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What color is Jasmine?

its a baby blue! Jasmine Yellow refers to the rich, deep yellow color of the Yellow Jasmine Flower. It is one of many colors of Jasmine flowers.
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Do you make jasmine tea with jasmine leaf or jasmine flower?

In most cases tea is placed beside freshly picked jasmine flowers. This allows the scent to be absorbed by the leaf. For very high grade tea's, this process is repeated eight (MORE)

Who is Jasmine the hedgehog?

Will this want happen, When Jasmine was a baby her mom and dad have to save her from G.U.N beause her mom and dad want back to a diffent time and space levening her twin broth (MORE)

How do you get to jasmine in SoulSilver?

You have to first get through the lighthouse. 1. Go up the stairs on the first floor to get to the 2nd floor. 2. Finish battling the trainers on the 2nd floor and go up th (MORE)
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How do you get jasmines steelix?

Every afternoon, between 1pm and 2pm, Jasmine is in the Olivine City Restaurant (near the Pokemon Centre). Talk to her, and after you get her pokegear number, she will disappe (MORE)
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Who is jasmine villagas?

Jasmine Villagas is a pop singer. That has made music videos on youtube and other videos as well. She has also been in the Justin beiber music video baby as his main love inte (MORE)