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Is jasmin rice gluten free?

Yes, I eat it all the time. Just check the label and get a good look at the rice grains themselves to be certain.
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Is jasmine rice a whole grain rice?

Every rice starts it's life as a whole grain. But if you want to use only whole grain foods, you need to find whole grain Jasmine rice. Most of what is sold is polished (or wh (MORE)
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How do you make jasmine rice that is not sticky?

Most packages have good instructions and will produce good rice if followed. Starch makes rice sticky, so some rice needs to be rinsed. Also, cook with less water if its has (MORE)
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Do you make jasmine tea with jasmine leaf or jasmine flower?

In most cases tea is placed beside freshly picked jasmine flowers. This allows the scent to be absorbed by the leaf. For very high grade tea's, this process is repeated eight (MORE)

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