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How was mount Townsend formed?

mt. tounsend was formed by erosion of human soil. after that the  australian plate hit the soil causing mt. townsend to form the  mountain was formed millions of centuries b (MORE)

What is The Wedsworth-Townsend Paramedic Act?

The Wedsworth-Townsend Paramedic Act was signed into effect by Governor Ronald Reagan in 1970 authorizing specially trained emergency medical personnel to provide advanced lif (MORE)

What did Francis e townsend do?

He was a doctor and a real estate worker, he lost his job during the great depression and came up with the idea that anyone over the age of 60 who are retiring get 200 dollars (MORE)
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Who is Jason weaver?

Jason Weaver is a actor and singer he played as 9 yr to 11 yr old Micheal Jackson in the Jackson 5 moive.And stared in Smart Guy the tv series on WB as marcaus from 1997 to 19 (MORE)
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Who is Jason Voorhees?

Jason Voorhees is the antagonist in the 1980 horror/slasher film Friday the 13th and its sequels.
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What does Father Coughlin and Francis Townsend have in common?

  Both were critics of FDR's New Deal and attracted a lot of attention during the Depression. Dr. Townsend proposed a monthly pension plan in which the federal government (MORE)
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Who is Jason Todd?

he was the second robin, and generally accepted as the one most hated by the fans. they actually did a survey on what should happen to jason todd. everybody chose that he shou (MORE)

When was hurricane Jason?

There was a Tropical Cylone Jason near Australia in February of 1987. However this storm technically was not a hurricane as the term only applies to tropical cyclones on the n (MORE)