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How come Jasper and Alice leave?

Its Because in Breaking Dawn They went to get Nahuel (The only other known halfbreed) and they then come back at the meeting with the Volturi to show them that half breeds can (MORE)
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How did Jasper hale become a vampire?

  Jasper was turned into a vampire in 1863 by a vampire named Maria when he was 20 years old. As a vampire, he gained the ability to manipulate the emotions of those aroun (MORE)
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How did Jasper and Alice meet?

The last answer was wrong. This is the correct answer. Jasper found Alice waiting for him at a diner in Philadelphia because she had seen him in a vision of the future. (Eclip (MORE)

In American slang what does the word Jasper or Jaspers mean?

First used as slang in 1896 (according to the Online Etymology Dictionary), to call someone a Jasper is to call them a rustic simpleton... in other words, a hick. Example: D (MORE)

Why does Jasper go by Jasper Hale instead of Jasper Cullen?

the reason Jasper and Rosalie have different last names than the others is because it would be weird if they went around dating other people with the same last name as them:] (MORE)

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What is jasper made of?

Jasper is cryptocrystalline quartz with colored impurities. Cryptocrystalline means the crystals are too small to see except with a powerful microscope. Jasper crystals are fi (MORE)
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What grade is Jasper Hale in?

  Jasper is one year of school ahead of Bella.   Edward Bella and Alice all are Juniors (11th grade) when Bella moves to Forks and   Rose Emmet and Jasper are all Se (MORE)

Who created Jasper?

if u are just now reading the books then u will soon know. i am a reader of twilight so this is one thing u have to find out foryour self.
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Was Jasper hale in the civil war?

Yes he was on duty when he was changed Jasper Hale, formerly known as Jasper Whitlock, was a major in the civil war. The youngest major in Texas, not acknowlaging his real a (MORE)