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What is this in java?

The keyword "this" refers to the current class instance.    this.getName(); is used to call the getName() method of the current class. Ideally speaking just getName(); (MORE)

What is java and can you tell me the history of java?

Java is a programming language. Java is an easy transition for C++ coders. C++ and Java are similar in coding styles of notation. The reason why Java is used often is because (MORE)

What is the meaning of sparrows?

Answer to Meaning of Sparrows  They symbolize the least in God's kingdom, He will still take care of and provide for.   They symbolize humility as well and sometimes j (MORE)

Why do sparrows migrate?

Most sparrow species do not migrate. Those that do seek food and to avois harsh weather when it gets cold in the North by migrating south.
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What is threads in java?

The ability of a program to concurrently execute multiple regions of code provides capabilities that are difficult or impossible to achieve with strictly sequential languages. (MORE)

What does do in java?

You never write "do" seperately in Java. The only situation I can think of when you have to write "do" is in the "do while" statement. This is the syntax: do { statement(s) (MORE)

How long is a Sparrow?

Sparrows range subtley in size, depending on species: the Chestnut sparrow is about 11.4 centimeters, whereas the Parrot-billed Sparrow is about 18 centimeters. While there ar (MORE)

What is runnable in java?

Runnable in java , is an interface which helps in creating threads.   E.g. you want to create thread Demo , then you will do like this    class Demo implement Runna (MORE)