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What is jaywalking?

It is the act of walking across a road/street at an area that isnot a cross walk.Jaywalking is the act of walking across the street outside of acrosswalk.
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What is the meaning of jaywalking?

i do not know... could someone please tell me! 2. Jaywalking is walking, particularly across the road, and paying little attention to other traffic. Due to modern devices ( Full Answer )
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Can you get a ticket for jaywalking?

yes you can, but the fine depends on the state. In New York it is a 120 dollar fine, in Boston though it is a one dollar.
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Are you liable if you accidentally hit a jaywalker?

It depends on who had the right of way. I'd definitely go to court to fight the ticket. If the jaywalker came out from between two cars, they would be held at fault.
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Is jaywalking a crime?

jaywalking is considered illegal. However, the most that willhappen with jaywalking is the person would get a fine for it.
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Why is it called jaywalking?

"jay" was given to people new to big city life.. in the early 1900's people new to big cities were not familiar with new traffic patterns of the increasing vehicle traffic an ( Full Answer )
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What is the punishment for jaywalking?

jaywalking is rarely enforced but if it is it will normally be a ticket and or a small fine(fine will vary in different places)
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What does the j stand for in jaywalking?

It's not like an acronym. The "J" does not stand for anything. Jaywalking just means NOT using the crosswalk when crossing the street.
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Is jaywalking a misdemeanor?

Yes if the officer believes your actions were a deliberate violation of an existing ordinance.
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What is a result of jaywalking?

1. Risk of getting ran over by a car 2. If a cop catches you it'll probably end up with you getting a fine you're better off searching for a pedestrian cross-walk