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When was jazz founded?

Jazz wasn't founded; it evolved from and incorporated various sources (including Spanish military band music, Ragtime, an early form of what is now called blues, and boogie-wo (MORE)

These are the important characteristics of jazz?

1.Roots the roots are from many musical culture..west africans, american and european thats why it emphasize on improvisation, drumming and complex rhythm. and there (MORE)

The birth of jazz?

Jazz was started as an African American style during the Harlem renissance in the 1920s
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Where did jazz start?

Some people think it started in New Orleans whereas some people believe that it actually originated in France. Both claim to have invented jazz at ar well i really doesn't kno (MORE)

What is the quote about mistake and jazz from a jazz musician?

There are many different versions of this quote. The two most famous are: "Once is a mistake, twice is jazz." "Once a mistake, twice an arrangement, three times is jazz." (MORE)

Why is the Utah Jazz called the Jazz?

They are originally from New Orleans, Home of jazz music. They moved to Utah sometime in the 80's.
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Who is the Father of jazz?

  Louis Armstrong is the true father of jazz, he inspired millions with his amazing trumpet playing, iconic voice, and charming personality.
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What was the jazz age?

1920s, also called the Roaring 20's or the Jazz age. This was a time of prosperity for the USA and an uprising of the jazz and african-american culture as a whole.  
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What is jazz chant?

    for me...Jazz chant is a poem that use jazz rhythms to illustrate the natural stress and intonation patterns of conversational American English. Jazz Chants provid (MORE)

Who is the Utah Jazz?

The Utah Jazz is a basketball team that, well, comes from Utah. a nba basketball team, home of john stocton, jerry west, Karl malone and new home of deron Williams Now com (MORE)