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What is Jazz?

Jazz is a style of music that involves theory and experience. It originated as an American music and then later played as latin jazz, African jazz, samba jazz, Brazillian jazz ( Full Answer )
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How do I do a Jazz Waltz?

Answer . The November 2007 edition of Keyboard Player explains how to approach it in its Classnotes section.
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Why is the Utah Jazz called the Jazz?

They are originally from New Orleans, Home of jazz music. They moved to Utah sometime in the 80's.
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What is the difference betweenbebop jazz and jazz?

Be-Bop is a STYLE of Jazz which began in the early forties. During WWII Big Bands (who played a style of Jazz called "SWING") lost many members to the draft, and a shrinking n ( Full Answer )
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What is a jazz cat?

aha. a jazz cat it another way of saying a jazz musician. for example "I was playing with a bunch of jazz cats man, we were sheddin at charlie parkers house."
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What are facts about Jazz?

Scott joplin is the king of ragtime. Mary Lou is the first lady of jazz in the 1920's
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What are features of jazz?

The main features of jazz are the instruments such as trumpets and saxophones and maybe clarinets.
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Is jazz happy?

Jazz is a happy and fun to try and experience, my friends taken it on and she really likes it!
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What is pop jazz?

Pop is just what is popular by the general audience. Jazz used to be "pop music" in the 1930's to the 1960's, but these days has lost its popularity and is no longer "pop musi ( Full Answer )
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What makes Jazz music jazz?

The spirit of spontaneous creation, of multiple musicians on a master level entering a metaphysical zone where the music seems to be playing them and they all know what the ot ( Full Answer )