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How did Jean-Baptiste Lully die?

During a performance of his Te Deum in January 1687he stabbed his foot with the cane he was beating with. He did that because he was really mad at his orchestra because they w (MORE)
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Does jean baptiste maunier smoke?

Well... As much as I would love to say no he doesn't, there have been two pictures of him proudly displaying his cigarette and blowing smoke on his Facebook which have been si (MORE)

What was Jean-Baptiste Lamarck famous for?

Having the first theory of evolution that offered a mechanism for the process. Unfortunately, his mechanism contained concepts that were not really that correct. The concept o (MORE)
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How did jean baptiste de lamarck contribute to the cell theory?

Aside from Lamarck's contributions to evolutionary theory, his works on invertebrates represent a great advance over existing classifications; he was the first to separate the (MORE)
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Who was Jean Baptiste Quentin?

Jean-Baptiste Quentin was a French musician and classical composer.  He was born some time in 1695 and died in 1750. Quentin played both  the violin and the viola.
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Who is jean baptiste charbonneau?

Jean Baptiste Charbonneau was an American explorer. He also  participated in the Mexican-American War as a scout. He lived from  1805 to 1866.
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What was Jean-Baptiste Lamarck's theory of evolution?

Jean-Baptiste Lamarck thought that changes in an organism during it's lifetime would be inherited by its offspring. His hypothesis would predict that the children of a body bu (MORE)