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What is the purpose of a cavity batten?

A cavity batten is a spacer that allows a face fixed cladding to be set off the wall structure. This is usually done to allow the drainage of any moisture that penetrates the (MORE)

Was jean batten a writer?

Jean Gardner Batten CBE OSC was a New Zealand aviator. Born in  Rotorua, she became the best-known New Zealander of the 1930s,  internationally, by taking a number of record (MORE)
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What do battens do on a sail?

Battens help give the sail it's shape. By adding these 'spars' to the sail they control how the sail deforms under loading, resulting in a sail shaped more like a wing and l (MORE)
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What is batten wiring?

A pattern in which tough rubber-Sheathed (T.R.S.) or PVC- Sheathed cables are suitable to run on teak wood battens.

Where was Jean Batten born?

Jean Batten was born in Rotorua, New Zealand. ANS 2 - Jean Batten was a famous female aviator from New Zealand in the 1930's - She created many notable records, including the (MORE)

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