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How do you spell jean?

The durable cotton material (denim) is spelled jean (e.g. a jean jacket). Any of the cellular protein forms associated with heredity is a gene. The English proper name, a (MORE)
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Who is Jean Chanda?

Jean Chanda is an actress of the stage in Branson, Missouri. However, starting in 2014, she started acting in films. Her first feature film is TAPE, by filmmaker Justin Evange (MORE)

How do you stretch jeans?

I use maybe a long ruler or a long book or something long to stretch it across the waist. Just button up and zip your jeans (Don't wear them while you do this) then insert tho (MORE)

Invention of jeans?

Jean were invented by Levi Strauss, He had went west with a  wagon-load of dry goods with the intention of opening a dry goods  store. He soon found out rugged pants that wo (MORE)
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What kind of car does Matt giraud have?

  well, he did happen to come to my school the other day...pretty random but it was still cool, and I did happen see his car. I don't know what year, but it's a Ford Musta (MORE)

Who discovered jeans?

The material we know as denim is very old. The crew of Columbus wore a denim type of material. Jeans that we know come from the CA gold rush and a man name Levi Strauss who ad (MORE)