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Who was john Jacques Rousseau?

Famous philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau was born June 28, 1712 to a watchmaker and minister's daughter (who died after giving birth) in Geneva, Switzerland. In 1725 he was an (MORE)
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What were jean-Jacques Rousseau basic beliefs?

All people are equal.  His ideal form of government was Direct Democracy.  Said the freedom of a person can only be protected by having a Direct Democracy.  Said society co (MORE)

What were the main ideas of Jean-Jacques Rousseau?

Jean-Jacques Rousseau was a philosopher who lived from 1712 to 1778  CE. He believed that the progression of science and art caused  moral corruption. He also believed that (MORE)

What were Jean Jacques Rousseau beliefs?

Rousseau thought society was greater than the individual. Through the individual's involvement in society, one could succeed. He believed that humans were rational (like Locke (MORE)

Why was Jean Jacques Rousseau important?

Most of modern philosophy can be traced back to his ideas. There are also a lot of good sites on the web that give plenty of information on him. Cut short, he believed that th (MORE)

What was jean Jacques Rousseau biggest contribution to the enlightenment?

While Jean-Jacques Rousseau made a number of significant  contributions to the Enlightenment movement of the 18th century, it  can be powerfully argued that his biggest cont (MORE)